About Brian keen

I have been photographing commercial property since 2001. Trading as Height Advantage Photography from 2005, I've worked with some of the biggest names in the property, design and advertising world, as well as smaller, niche companies.

Based near Telford, in the West Midlands, I cover the whole of England and Wales - and occasionally Scotland too.

The trading name came from the use of a vehicle mounted mast to supplement traditional views of property with elevated viewpoints.  This is still very much in use today and enables the camera to be raised above ground level clutter to give more photogenic angles.

With drones becoming more advanced and usable, I obtained my PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) from the CAA in 2019, and added drones to the photographic armoury. As the regulations have evolved and changed, I've continuously updated my qualifications and currently have a GVC Operational Authorisation, allowing me to fly larger drones in built-up areas, including over uninvolved persons.  I also have an A2CofC, which can be useful in some situations.